Happy Holidays, 2015

What it is

holiday2015 is a kid-safe game for 2015.

This is a solitaire domino game with holiday themed dominos.

The object is to use all the tiles to go from the left edge of the board to the right edge.

How To Run

  • Download the appropriate file for your system.
  • Put it onto a desktop.
  • Perhaps uncompress it, depending on what your browser does for you.
  • On a *ix system, you may need to set the executable bits. (chmod +x holiday2015)
  • Run it.

Android Notes

  • Android users may need to enable accepting files from places other than the app store.
  • Chrome will warn you that this is not a signed application.
  • You may be able to install the application by clicking the Notices pulldown.
  • If you can't install from the pulldown, your browser may put the installer in your main Download folder (probably).
  • If your tablet/phone didn't come with a file browser, you'll need to install one from the App Store. I like File Manager and ES File Explorer
  • Once you figure out where the browser hid the holiday2015.apk file, click it and let it install.

Get It Here

Techie Details

This application is about 700 lines of Tcl/Tk code.

The Windows application is wrapped with Cookit , developed by Kocjan Wojciech.

The Android application is created with Androwish, developed by Christian Werner.

The Linux and Mac applications are wrapped as Starkits, initially developed by Jean-Claude Wippler and Steve Landers.


Fixed bug that allowed placed tiles to be moved again.
Fixed bug introduced in horizontal screen support.
Added a side-by-side layout for horizontal screens to play better on short, wide screens like some Mac Book Pros.
Initial release