Happy Holidays, 2011

What it is

qctree is a kid-safe game for 2011.

As Christmas approaches, Quality Control at the North Pole goes downhill. Everyone is just trying to get things out the door as fast as they can, regardless of quality.

The Big C isn't so thrilled with this lack of quality. It's his brand, after all.

So, you've been hired to check the Christmas Trees and confirm that they are identical.

How To Run

  • Download the appropriate file for your system.
  • Put it onto a desktop.
  • Perhaps uncompress it, depending on what your browser does for you.
  • On a *ix system, you may need to set the executable bits. (chmod +x qctree)
  • Run it.

Get It Here

Techie Details

This application is about 600 lines of Tcl/Tk code.

The application is packed with tclapp.