Happy Holidays, 2006

What it is

findGifts is a kid-safe game much like the classic Windows minesweeper game, except it uses a hex grid instead of a square grid, and you are trying to land on the presents instead of avoid them.

You do this by clicking a hex next to the known hexes.

How To Run

  • Download the appropriate file for your system.
  • Put it onto a desktop.
  • Perhaps uncompress it, depending on what your browser does for you.
  • Run it.

Get It Here

Techie Details

This application is about 650 lines of Tcl/Tk code using the snack library for sound effects and background music.
There are about 750 lines of Tcl/Tk in a hex game support library, and 1300 in the HTML rendering code used for the help screens.

It's packed with StarPack.