The dataGraph application is a generic graphing application that can extract fields from files with some separator, or on Linux systems, read data from a pipe.


This is pre-alpha release code. It's mostly a test harness for the graphing library that is still in development. It's released with the hopes that it will prove useful, and to provide me with a few more testers and ideas on what should be included.

This code is in active development, which gives you a decent chance of seeing a bug fixed or a feature added. Contact for bug reports and comments.

The original application resembles this:

The 4.0 version with support for data in SQLite databases resembles this:

A sample graphic (parsing data from a Linux maillog and reporting as a histogram of mail activity vs time of day) looks like this;

Data from a web log converted to an SQLite table:

The Help button includes topical help for the application, and might be barely enough information for you to use it.

The dataGraph application is provided as executables for Linux, Windows and as pure source.

Release History

  1. 2017: dataGraph4 release with support for data in SQLITE databases
  2. 2008: Initial dataGraph release


The application is pure Tcl/Tk, and will run on any platform that has a Tcl/Tk interpreter installed.

You can get Tcl/Tk from:


Datagraph 4.0

With SQLite support.

Datagraph 1.0

The older version that only supports file data:


  1. Download the appropriate package for your system.
  2. Unpack it with the appropriate unpacker (zip, tar).
  3. Windows/Linux: Run the dataGraph application (use your File Explorer if you like GUI's, or run from a command line.)
  4. Source: wish dataGraph.tcl