Mar 6: Plant 7 more seeds

Mar 12: First new seedling appears, leaf bleaching

The first of the seeds planted on May 6 has started showing above the ground. This one is outside the timelapse camera frame, but seems to be following the same pattern as the others of curving up like a swan's neck.

The first batch of seedlings (planted on Feb 5) grew quickly to about 6 inches tall, and then have stopped growing up, while the leaves grow larger.

The leaves on the first of the seedlings to sprout look quite different from the other seedlings.

The leaves are lighter in color, except around the veins, where they are still dark. A discolored patch has appeared on the largest of the leaves.

The seedlings have been treated nearly identically, each getting about the same amount of water, all having identical soil and light.

The bleached leaf is on the left. A younger, normal leaf is on the right.

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