Feb 12: Dead seed

Feb 12: Dead seed

I've been watering the chestnut pots with about 2-3 oz of water every other day with bottled water. (Our well water is hard water a lot of lime and a little iron to boot.)

A couple of the chestnut seeds were closer to the surface than I realized, and the water washed the soil away, leaving the top of the seed exposed. Rather than disturb the seed, I left the seed exposed.

I'm told it is common for seeds to push themselves up as they sprout grows. This particular seed is labeled as having sprouted before I planted it.

There's been no sign of sprouts above the ground yet, but I noticed a small amount of a white fungus on one of the exposed seeds this morning.

Later in the day, I carefully dug around the seed with my finger and exposed a bit more of it. There is a dark green patch of stuff growing where the sprout was.

I dug out the seed and confirmed that the sprout had rotted away. I split the seed covering off the seed, and it looks like this one is dead.
With seed coat. Removed seed coat.

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